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Did you know eye checks can detect diabetes, blood pressure issues, glaucoma, cataracts, some cancers, and  other health problems you may not be aware of.

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We've been making eyes happy for over 60 years, with shops in Alexandria and Dumbarton, and now Wilkie's Eyecare is focusing in on Bearsden. We are friendly, and professional and we're here to make sure we bring your world into focus.

We Focus On Your Eyesight

Even if you feel your vision is good you should attend your free NHS eye test. Eye health is extremely important - eye tests should be carried out every 2 years or every year depending on your age. Don't just wait until you have an emergency. Let us focus on the little things, and look after your eyes.

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Specialist Eye Care

Gone are the days of shining a red light in your eye. We're bringing the world into focus by using the most advanced technology available to scan your eyes. 3D screening can diagnosis potentially serious conditions that can affect your eyesight and your overall well-being.

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Look Your Best

So you need glasses for the first time. You want to look good. They have to be comfortable and suit your look as well as your pocket. Our collection offers something for everyone from designer branded glasses to custom contact lenses and prescription lenses. 20/20 vision is just a few steps away.

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Family Eyecare

We see you! We're a family business so we like to think we're on your wavelength. Our optometrists have a great way with children and people with special needs. Everyone has the right to great eye care, and our family will look after yours.

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    Focusing on our communities health care.

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