What lenses should I wear?

There are many types of lenses, from daily use lenses to extended use lenses.  If you're interested in wearing contacts our custom contact lens examination will specifically look at what is best for you. Most importantly we'll help you at the beginning of your contact lens journey, and show you how to easily put them in and take them out.

Easy, Discreet & Comfortable

Our Optician's Choice

Our principal optician wears lenses. He chose to change from glasses when covid came along. Less touching than glasses, and less putting down on surfaces than glasses. That all adds up to less germs. Another great reason to choose contact lenses.

Sleep easy

Did you know that ortho-k nocturnal lenses help correct your vision as you sleep? We are specialists in prescribing these types of contact lenses which gently reshape the cornea, helping give you clear vision the following day. Research shows that overnight lenses not only effectively removes the need to wear any glasses, or daytime contact lenses, but can slow down the progression of myopia.

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