Eye Tests Don’t Need To Be Scary

Sometimes eye exams can feel a little scary. This can certainly be the case for people with special needs who may not understand what procedures are happening. Our staff will make the examination process as comfortable and easy as possible. It's not fair that in our society that people with special needs are dealt with in a different way.

Vision is About More Than Seeing

Research shows 6 in 10 adults with learning disabilities need glasses to correct their vision. People with learning disabilities have the same need to wear glasses as other people. Vision isn’t just about reading, working and driving. It is about being able to understand the world around you, moving around safely and communicating with others.

Seeing the World Clearly

It’s as important, if not more so, for people with learning disabilities to benefit from correctly prescribed glasses. They need to fit well and be comfortable to wear. It can be frustrating for anyone not being able to see the world clearly, but it can have a real impact on a disabled person’s mood and behaviour. Getting a free eye test is the best way to check how well someone can see.

Why Wait? Book Your Free Eye Test.

Eye tests in Scotland are easy, free, quick, and can catch a whole host of issues before they arise. Keep your eyes happy and book your test today.