Explaining prescriptions

Single vision lenses can help a patient see one distance, either near, intermediate or at a distance. If you only need help while reading or at a distance, this is the right type of lens for you.

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses help you see at multiple distances without having to take your glasses off or swap them for other ones. If you need help seeing all the time, this lens may be prescribed to you by an optometrist.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses allow the person wearing them to clearly see up close and to clearly see at a distance. There is no transition or intermediate length between them though. This is best for those who can’t see long distances or short distances but can see at an immediate length fine.

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitive and UV protection lenses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. Chronic exposure to ultraviolet light contributes to ocular damage and potentially harmful cancers.