How to choose

Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a difficult decision. Our staff will help you choose the frames that suit you best. Face shape is important. For an angular face, rounder glasses may suit you. If you have a rounder shaped face angular frames may be best. Getting the right width of glasses is important too. You should measure the width of your glasses against the width of your jawbone. The important thing is you feel and look great.

Great Brands

Glasses can be a great accessory from the colour of a frame or a lens. Our range means you'll never be out of style. We have a large selection of branded frames to fit any style or budget. Our staff are not on commission, so they will always give you impartial advice as to what suits your face and your pocket. We also have a great selection of designer sunglasses. Come on in and try some on. 

We have financing available so you can spread the cost of looking great! Ask us about payment options.