Hayfever - when to see the optician

Hayfever season is upon us. Pollen in the air can cause us to suffer from a variety of range of different symptoms, some of which effecting our eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis is a very common condition yet it can be sometimes overlooked by the sufferer. Symptoms to look out for;

  1. Itchy eyes

  2. Watery eyes

  3. Irritated / dry feeling eyes

  4. Redness of the eyes

  5. Swelling to the lids

With schemes like Pharmacy First and the availability of independent prescribing optometrists treatment and management can be easily found within your community. Through the use of eyedrops and/or oral antihistamines relief to the symptoms can be achieved quickly.

If you have been suffering from the above symptoms over the past 2-6 weeks then it is likely there is some form of allergic nature to your problems. Seek advice with your local optometrist who can diagnose and treat your condition, allowing you to get back to symptom free eyes.


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