Opticians services

Opticians services

If you think "sight test", you probably think of little round trial lenses rattling in an ill-fitting frame and reading a "letter chart" at the end of the room. At Wilkie and Rider we think an eye examination is where the eye is measured by your optometrist and the prescription is fine tuned by a series of sophisticated techniques.

If you think "looking inside the eye", you probably think of a very bright light held somewhat too far inside your personal space: at Wilkie and Rider we think taking 6 mega pixel digital photographs and storing on our server for future comparison or referral to hospital.

If you think "value" means "two for the price of one", you might think you are spoilt for choice in the High Street: at Wilkie and Rider we believe value is being given the best individual advice and care possible by expert staff, none of whom is on sales-based commission.

Don't take for granted what you expect from a community optometrist. Things have changed and Wilkie and Rider has led the way for over 60 years.


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