• Ages 20-64

    We reccomend the following age group should get there eyes tested every 2 years.

  • Ages 65+

    We reccomend the following age group should get there eyes tested on a yearly basis.

Your Eye Health

Your eyes are really complex, full of blood vessels and nerves. An examination can spot serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, as well as eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. One question we are often asked is can we see floaters and a free exam will pick that up too.  It is important to catch any condition early before it becomes severely damaging to your health. Prevention is always better than the cure. Regular free eye exams maintain healthy eyes by detecting and preventing disease.

When Your Vision Starts to go

You know that moment when you suddenly can't see the instructions on a microwave meal, or you have to increase the font on your mobile to read texts?  That's when many people decide to get their eyes tested. But protecting your eyes, and caring for them shouldn't be an afterthought. Don't wait until you can't focus. Regular free check ups really can help your protect your eyes.

Far Sight

Have nearby objects started to appear blurry? Are you having to squint to see them clearly? Farsightedness means you can clearly see things that are far away, but things that are close-up are blurry. Like a prescription bottle or even a book. You might be feeling eyestrain,  burning eyes, or aching in or around the eyes. Your eyes might be feeling discomfort or you could be getting a headache after doing close tasks, such as reading, writing, computer work. Time to get tested!

Near Sight

Nearsightedness is the opposite where near objects appear clear, but objects farther away look blurry.  Finding it difficult to make out the number on a bus until it gets near to you? Struggling to focus when driving. Eyestrain, headaches and squinting to see properly are symptons too! Time to get tested!

What does a free eye test consist of?

Step 1 - Make an appointment

Make an appointment - remember it’s free in Scotland

Step 2 - Get your eye test

We’ll carry out a 30/45 minutes test, which  will give us a clear view about the overall state of your eyes. We;'ll look at the back of your eyes, making sure everything is clear. In today’s world of computers, mobile phones and TV's eye strain is common. It is more vital than ever that you take a free eye test. We will make sure that you feel no discomfort during the eye examination, and we'll give you accurate results straight away.

Step 3 - Get your diagnosis

We can give you a diagnosis straight away

Step 4 - We'll Contact You

If we find something potentially  more serious we’ll ask to get you back in or will refer you to the hopsital